1. Privacy buyer who is a natural person, is provided by Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection, as amended.

2. Buyer agrees to the processing of their personal data: name, address, identification number, tax identification number, email address, telephone number (hereinafter collectively referred to as "personal data").

3. Buyer agrees to the processing of personal data by the seller, for the purpose of realization of the rights and obligations under the contract and for the purpose of maintaining user account. If the buyer does not select another option, consents to the processing of personal data by the seller as well as for the purpose of sending commercial messages and information to the buyer. Consent to the processing of personal data in its entirety by this article is not a requirement that would in itself made it impossible to conclude a purchase contract.

4. Buyer acknowledges that it is obligated to your personal data (for registration, in your user account when ordering from the web interface of the shop) correctly and truthfully and without undue delay inform the seller about the change in his personal data.

5. Processing of personal data of the buyer the seller may appoint a third party as a processor. In addition to persons transporting goods are not personal information without prior consent of the seller the buyer passed on to third parties.

6. Personal data will be processed for an indefinite period. Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated manner or in printed form non-automated manner.

7. The buyer confirms that the personal information is accurate and that he was advised that it is voluntarily provide personal information.

8.9 In the event that the buyer thought the seller or processor (Art. 5.) performs the processing of his personal data that is inconsistent with the protection of private and personal life of the purchaser or against the law, especially if the personal data are inaccurate with regard the purpose of processing, can:

8.1. ask the seller or processor for explanation

8.2. require the seller or processor to correct the situation.

9. If the buyer information about the processing of their personal data, the seller must deliver this information. The seller has the right to provide information pursuant to the preceding sentence, require reasonable compensation not exceeding the costs of providing the necessary information.


Buyer agrees to receive information related to goods, services or company the seller to the buyer's email address and agrees to receive commercial communications by the seller to the buyer's email address. The Purchaser may at any time revoke his consent to receive commercial messages and information, by sending a request to the email address