• 18 000,00 Kč For sale
    Catalog No.: 12447
    Seutter, Matthäus

    Rome. "Veteris et Moderna urbis Romae Ichonographia et Accurta Designatio". Orig. copper-engraving, M. Seutter, Augsburg, ca. 1745. Orig. old colouring. With title above, 2 figure cartouches, a coat of arms, views of the Seven Churches, description...

    18 000,00 Kč
    For sale
  • 7 500,00 Kč For sale
    Catalog No.: 20430
    Lotter, Tobias Conrad

    Gibraltar. "Castellum Gibraltar in Andalusia ...". Orig. copper-engraving, T. C. Lotter (1717-1777), Augsburg, ca. 1750. Orig. old colouring. With figure title-cartouche, 2 wind-roses and Fr.-Ger. explanatory notes. 49:58,5 cm (19 1/4 x 23 inch.).

    7 500,00 Kč
    For sale
  • 11 000,00 Kč For sale
    Catalog No.: 15183
    Braun & Hogenberg

    Linz. "Linsum Austriae Vulgo Lintz". Orig. copper-engraving, Braun & Hogenberg. Published by J. Janssonius in Amsterdam, 1657. A view of Linz. With engraved title, explanatory notes (A.-S.) and figures in the foreground. 36:50 cm (14 1/4 x 19 3/4 inch.).

    11 000,00 Kč
    For sale
  • 14 000,00 Kč For sale
    Catalog No.: 12417
    Braun, Georg - Hogenberg, Franz

    Gmunden. "Gmunden". Orig. copper-engraving after G. Hoefnagel's drawing from 1594. Published in G. Braun's and F. Hogenberg's "Civitates Orbis Terarrum", Cologne by Gottfried von Kempen, 1596/97. Orig. old colouring. With great ornamental title-cartouche...

    14 000,00 Kč
    For sale
  • 4 000,00 Kč For sale
    Catalog No.: 00390
    Seutter, Matthäus

    Steiermark. "Stiria Ducatus". Altkol. Kupf.-Kte. bei M. Seutter, um 1730. Mit gr. fig. titelkart. mit Wappen u. fig. kart. mit Meilanzeiger u. Erklärungen. 49,5:57 cm.

    4 000,00 Kč
    For sale
  • 250,00 Kč For Sale
    Catalog No.: 23341
    Bleyová, Olga

    (Oľga Bleyova; born 1930). "Československá fotografie z let 1968-1970. Z fotografické tvorby J. Sudka" - exhibition invitation. Brno: Moravská galerie v Brně, 1971. Folded solid paper using Oľga Bleyova's photo on the front. 15:10,5 cm; 15:21 cm (unfolded).

    250,00 Kč
    For Sale
  • 15 000,00 Kč For sale
    Catalog No.: 23363
    Münster, Sebastian

    Vienna. "Anno Domini 1548. Viena Austriae hunc habuit situm". Orig. woodcut, ca. 1550 from S. Münster's Cosmographia. Published by Henricpetri in Basel 1598. Cutted by Hans Rudolph Manuel Deutsch and Heinrich Holzmuller (the initials "HRMD" and "HH" at the bottom) after Wolfgang Lazius' 1548 drawing. Orig. old colouring. With German title at the top....

    15 000,00 Kč
    For sale
  • 9 000,00 Kč For sale
    Catalog No.: 23364
    Lotter, Matthias Albrecht

    United States of America. "A New and Correct Map of North America ... wherein are ... the Thirteen Provinces wich Compose the United States of North America". Orig. copper engraving by M. A. and G. F. Lotter, Augsburg, 1784. Orig. old colouring. With great figure cartouche and a compass rose. 50,5:57,5 cm.

    9 000,00 Kč
    For sale
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