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Africae nova descriptio - Alte Landkarte


Afrika. "Africae nova descriptio". Orig. copperplate engraving. W. J. Blaeu, Amsterdam, 1630. Orig. old colouring. With figure title-cartouche and many ships, animals and sea-creatures. 41:55,5 cm.

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Blaeu, Willem Janszoon

Blaeu, Willem and Blaeu, Joan



Afrika. "Africae nova descriptio". Original copperplate engraving. W. J. Blaeu, Amsterdam, 1630. Published by Willem and Joan Blaeu in the 2nd volume of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Amsterdam, 1640. Orig. old colouring. With ornamental title-cartouche and many ships, animals and sea-creatures. The map is surrounded by 3 decorative borders: 10 pairs in traditional clothing (Marocchi, Senagenses, Mercatores in Guinea, Cab:lopoGonsalvi Accolae, Miles Congensis, Aegyptij, Abißini, Cafres in Mozambique, Rex in Mdagascar, Cap:bone Spei habitatores) by the sides and 9 bird's-eye-views of African main cities and harbors of the time (Tanger, Ceuta, Alger, Tunis, Alexandria, Alcair, Mozambique, S. Georgius della Mina, Canaria) at the top of the map. 41:55,5 cm.

Koeman II, map 8000:2, ed. 2:201 (1640-43 Latin). - Blaeu's figural map of Africa represents a pinnacle of Dutch cartography of 17th century.

Stichwörter: Alte Landkarte, Alte Landkarten, Antike Karten, Afrika Karte, Africae nova descriptio, Kupferstich, Blaeu, 1630, Carte-à-figures